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Looking to Replace your Vehicle

We Can Help with Attractive Low Rates!

We’re offering super low vehicle rates not only to help you save money, but to put our deposit dollars to work. By taking the cash incentive offered at dealerships and financing with a low rate from PowerNet, you save twice! We need your loan balances here – for your benefit and for the entire membership!

Check out these
New & Used Auto rates:
Up To As Low As
up to 12 Months 1.75%
13 - 42 Months 2.25%
43 - 60 Months 2.75%
61 - 72 Months 3.50%



These favorable loan rates can save you money every month and we’ll earn more to pay our depositors. All this happens by transferring the loan to PowerNet – a win/win situation. You can help yourself and your fellow members by taking advantage of what PowerNet has to offer. Remember, this is your credit union – you are a part owner just like all other depositors. Just click the button below to get started!

Note: Limited Time Offer

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Co-Op Shared Branch

Shared Branching services are available at over 300 credit unions in Florida and over 5,000 across the US. Look for the CO-OP Shared Branch logo at any credit union and access your PowerNet account. Learn more about shared branching services...

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